Boosting inter-chain liquidity for the entire DeFi space
a universal liquidity incentivization solution for wrapped assets with a seamless
cross-chain experience through Ethereum mirror accounts
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Treasury and farming
Support Graviton by locking
in the treasury.
By contributing now you will:
get an early-bird investment opportunity, which ensures your permanent governance role
secure a fixed minimum GTON farming share of 10%
wrapped tokens' efficiency
Graviton solves issues of complicated, multi-step user experience and insufficient liquidity of tokens wrapped in chains other than Ethereum.

Graviton offers a yield generation system for liquidity providers irrespective of the chain in one single interface and unites the communities of multiple chains by giving them governance tools for boosting liquidity and maximizing their income.
Blockchains integrated with Graviton
Graviton is a bridge-agnostic system aggregating trustless bridge providers, such as Gravity,, and Ren, that allow for seamlessly moving tokens between the most popular platforms for DeFi applications.
Due to its blockchain- and bridge-agnostic approach, Graviton becomes the biggest bridge aggregator in the blockchain space and a universal hub for inter-chain liquidity and market activity.
Integrated bridges:
Chains available for seamless inter-chain transfers
of wrapped tokens