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warn Graviton rebrands into GTON Capital. The new website is under construction. More info in the Roadmap
Boosting cross-chain liquidity
and usability for the entire DeFi space
a universal liquidity incentivization solution for wrapped assets with a seamless
cross-chain experience
Treasury and
GTON is a governance token of the Graviton system. Graviton’s Treasury stores undistributed GTON, LP-GTON rewards and early-bird stablecoins. Our automated approach to tokenomics uses those assets from the Treasury
for GTON market-making.
Delivering cross-chain connectivity and simplicity for tokens’ growth
Graviton solves issues of complicated, multi-step user experience and insufficient liquidity of tokens wrapped in chains other than Ethereum. Its diverse infrastructure includes bridge aggregators, cross-chain wallets, and LP reward farming products.

wrapped tokens' efficiency
Graviton extends communities’ attention across ecosystems. The Graviton Catalyst program offers incentives for wrapped tokens’ liquidity provision, to help a variety of tokenized blockchain projects to expand onto non-native networks.

Hub for cross-chain DeFi
market growth
Graviton is a bridge-agnostic system aggregating trustless bridge providers, such as Gravity,, and Ren, that allow for seamlessly moving tokens between the most popular platforms for DeFi applications.
Due to its blockchain- and bridge-agnostic approach, Graviton becomes the biggest bridge aggregator in the blockchain space and a universal hub for inter-chain liquidity and market activity.
Graviton’s cross-chain infrastructure includes:
Integrated bridges
Chains available for seamless inter-chain transfers
of wrapped tokens